Chapel Hill Reporting, LLC SM
Certified Stenotype Machine Court Reporters
Certified Legal Videographers

Web-Based Solutions

Benefit from the most cutting-edge technology available to legal professionals. Chapel Hill Reporting  provides streaming of real-time video depositions across the country, with just a click of a mouse. Requiring NO downloads, the web-based deposition and video conferencing solutions are the ultimate tool for legal counsel to improve the litigation process by conducting productive depositions.

  • No Software Downloads - There are no downloads required to join a live deposition. The only requirement is a high-speed internet connection, a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player.
  • Web-Based Solution – A 100% web-based solution. This way depositions can be conducted in real-time with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.
  • Multiple Platform & Browser Compatible - Works on PC, Mac and Linux machines, as well as multiple internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Realtime Streaming Text – As information is entered into the court reporters stenograph machine, that data is then formatted and displayed within the deposition room in realtime.
  • Secure Instant Messaging - Get instant feedback from team members or anyone connected to your group through private group chat.
  • Built-in Collaboration Tools - Allows for interactive and synergistic depositions with built-in features including:
    • Reports
    • Keyword Search
    • Ability to pause streaming text
    • Zoom in/out on transcribed data
    • Searchable indexed list of words
    • Manual scroll through transcript
    • Capability to jump to page/line