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Transcript Options

Paper Transcript Options

  • Full-sized
  • Condensed

Electronic Transcript Options
  • PDF File
A PDF (portable document format) file is highly portable across computer platforms. A PDF allows you to view a document on a computer the same as it looks in print (as opposed to an ASCII file which does not hold formats such as page and line numbers, bolded text, etc.). PDF files are viewable, searchable and printable from virtually any software platform.  Both the transcript and exhibits can be provided as a PDF for easy viewing. 

Adobe Reader is required.  This is a one-time free download.

  • ASCII File
ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This is a standard format that any and all word processors should be able to read. When viewed, a Page-Image ASCII should look just like the printed transcript. You can also import this into almost any program, i.e. Livenote, Summation, Concordance, Word, WordPerfect, etc.

  • RealLegal E-Transcript ®

E-Transcript is in .ptx format. This file format allows you to print your transcript in the same format as the original printed transcript. Also, in this format you can view and print the key-word index and create condensed copies. Additionally, by right clicking on any word in the transcript you will be given the number of hits with the line and page locations.

Chapel Hill Reporting provides digitally E-Transcripts with password protection available. We also provide PDF and ASCII formats, for your convenience.

The first time you receive a .ptx formatted transcript, you will need to download the free E-Transcript Viewer. Once you have installed the viewer, save the .ptx file to your computer. Double click on the .ptx file which will then launch the viewer.

A RealLegal E-Transcript is a self-contained, encrypted viewing program for transcripts used by a substantial portion of the court reporting industry to provide attorneys with a high-performance, standardized, secure electronic transcript.

This format supports full-text searching, condensed printing, and the ability for multiple saving options such as AMICUS, SUMMATION, PDF and ASCII (standard text files).

Exhibit Options

  • Paper
  • Digital/Scanned Exhibits
Digital exhibits are paper exhibits that have been scanned and stored on a computer.  The standard file format is PDF. Our scanning technology provides OCR (optical character recognition) to facilitate text search of the document contents.