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Client Comments

I have worked several times with Sara at Chapel Hill Reporting and they are great!!!!!!! 

Thank you for the professionalism extended in this matter.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you again for being so great!

Thank you very much – I appreciate you!

(In response to an informational sharing on NCRA Ethics First and our commitment against gift giving.)

Sara – I appreciate your sending this.  I have run into this with a couple of large court reporting firms and knew that we could not accept the gift cards – since technically it’s the client who is paying the bill!  I am not one who needs gifts and hand-holding.  I’m just appreciative of your company’s great service.  I only wish I could use you on many more of my files.

(In response to an informational sharing on NCRA Ethics First and our commitment against gift giving.)

I’ve always thought if it sounds to good to be true – look out, there’s a catch somewhere and it might NOT be a good one.  In addition, why would I want to gamble with a client’s deposition when I know I have a service that does quality work 100% of the time?

Always a pleasure to work with. Thanks again.

Sara, your company rocks!!! The turn around time for a confirmed location and time has been awesome. The court reporters have been prompt and great. The billing and trabscripts through the email has made it much easier to manage. Thanks.

I just have to say KUDOS to your awesome court reporter and your staff there.  I love the detailed method of how you sent your files to me and the incredible job your reporter did on this very technical transcript.  I’m so glad we were finally able to work with you.  I’m not sure if it’s the “Illinois” in you or what but you seem to run the same type of ship that we do here.
Thank you for the great service you’ve provided for us and we look forward to working with you again.

Got a compliment from atty how impressed her paralegal was with you!!  Your helpfulness is what made them choose CHR from 3 different agencies.

Thank you again for all of your help!  What A Wonderful Job you have all done for us, it has been a pleasure working with you!

Thanks again, for the quick turn around.  As always your company has been great.

You guys are amazing! Thank you!

Thank you so much for the prompt turnaround. 

Hi Sara:  On behalf of our staff, I would like to say it was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you so much.  Please extend our thanks to everyone in scheduling, production and billing as well.
I hope we are fortunate enough to have additional work in your area.
If we can be of service in the New York Metropolitan area/New Jersey, please don’t hesitate to call.
Enjoy your summer.

Thank you so much.  It was a pleasure to work with you and your office and with your videographer.

You all are wonderful.

You are so welcome, Sara!  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you  and your office and hope to send  more work your way!!!!

I sincerely thank you for your due diligence.  I have indicated to my attorney that I am extremely pleased with the professional services provided by you and your company, and you can expect to hear from her shortly relative to further discovery in this case.

Thank you for tending to my request promptly.  It has been really nice doing business with you.

Thanks again for your wonderful and professional staff, we really appreciate you guys.

I received everything as I was walking out the door for lunch and it looks great.  We are very happy with your services and will be submitting your invoice for prompt payment.

You all are at the top of the list back there.  Your professionalism and expertise is something that I rarely see when traveling around the country.  Kudos to all of you and thanks again.

I really appreciate you all always being so honest with us.  It is very refreshing.  We are dealing with another court reporting firm that we have done work for and it has been a nightmare, but I can always count on you all being the best at everything.  I really appreciate our relationship with you all and hope to continue this relation for years to come.  Again, thanks for all you do.

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Sara was a pleasure to work with. She provided quick replies to my questions and she always made me feel that I was a priority client. It was a huge relief knowing she was assisting us in our deposition, especially given that we are an out-of-state firm. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Chapel Hill Reporting in the future. Thank you for excellent service.

I would again like to tell you how much I enjoy working with you.  I have had 3 separate occasions this week where I have had issues with court reporting companies (3 different ones), and I must tell you that YOU ARE THE BEST.  You make my job so much easier!

They’re coming in from out of town and I bragged about you so much, they agreed to let me schedule you for them.



As you will recall, you were of great assistance to us in July of this year coordinating the deposition of an expert witness at your office with streaming video.  Coordinating these types of deposition logistics is sometimes a pure nightmare; however, your help for the one we did a few months ago made it seem effortless.  Thanks again.

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you.  Everything went smoothly from the beginning.  To already have the depositions in hand is incredible.  Wish you worked down here!  I will let all know if they ever need a court reporter in Chapel Hill that you are the very best.

Your service was excellent and I would certainly use you again.  I have passed your name around the firm.

Thank you very much to both of your companies for the reporting services you provided...  Again, thank you very much for your highly professional services, especially given the frequent last minute changes which we needed in this case to accommodate attorneys and deponents from multiple locations.  It's been a pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of your companies to colleagues.

I just wanted you to know I am extremely impressed with you and your office for coordinating a Video Deposition with about 3 hours notice.  We don’t generally do much work in North Carolina however, I will forward your information on to a few attorneys I know in North Carolina and let them know what a SPECTACULAR job you did.  Thank you so much for all of your efforts and the efforts of your firm!!

It is my privilege to refer you and your staff to anyone who wants the best in court reporting.  You know, I was just thinking that when I referred you, it was because I absolutely knew it was the best thing to do.  I have to tell you, I cannot count on one hand the number of businesses that I can say that about these days.  I simply know for a fact that your work ethic is beyond reproach and that makes it so easy and comfortable for me to refer Chapel Hill Reporting to anyone.


I just wanted to send some kudos your way.  You guys did an awesome job.  I work with a lot of different affiliates and they rarely go as seamless as this job did.  Thank you so much.  We will absolutely use you in the future when we have anything your way.

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You went above and beyond in regards to Customer Service for us this case in which we had difficulty scheduling and multiple changes of dates, time, etc.  Thank you so much! :)


Thank you so much for assisting our office with the deposition.  As you know, it is hard to coordinate a deposition out of State, let alone find a reputable court reporting firm that offers the level of assistance that Chapel Hill Reporting does! I hope you have a great day and maybe someday we will once again have the opportunity to work with your office.


I really love using Chapel Hill and use them all the time for out of town depos. They are very on top of things and I never have an issue.

Anonymous Survey Response

I received excellent service and will refer others to your service. Thanks for all you do!


I greatly appreciate your professionalism.  Just so you know, I strive to be more like you.  We've never met in person, but the way you run your office impresses me!


Thank you again for all of the fantastic service and for going above and beyond for both me and my client.  It has been nothing but a pleasure working with you and your company, and should anything in this case or any other come up in your area, you will be the first and only agency that I call.

Anonymous Survey Response

The reporter was very professional and did a great job for us.

Anonymous Survey Response

I was very pleased with the services provided by Chapel Hill Reporting

Anonymous Survey Response



Thank you. By the way, I really enjoyed working with the reporter you sent yesterday.  She was great!


You are the best! Thank you


I've used your company before, a while back when I practiced in Durham, so I know you'll do great.


Ya'll are on the short list for the mid portion of the state.


You did a fine job.  We will remember you for any future depositions.


Sara is wonderful and pleasant every time I call.  We are located in Louisville, KY but I will most certainly use Chapel Hill Reporting anytime we have depositions in Chapel Hill and surrounding area.


We are extremely satisfied with Chapel Hill Reporting.


Very professional.  Excellent work.  Thank you.

Anonymous Survey Response

We had excellent service and assistance.

Anonymous Survey Response

I have forwarded the court reporter's information to all of our attorneys as well as other law firms.  Thank you!


Everything appears in wonderful order.  Your service was very good...


Thank you very much for your assistance.  I will be sure to keep you in mind for all further depositions in the area.


You guys have been so great!  And again, thank you for being so kind and prompt!


If we have depositions in your area in the future, I will be booking them with you.  Thanks so much for your professionalism!


...ability to use your services, because they are top-notch.  I would recommend you to anyone!


Extremely pleased with everything!  Thanks!


Thanks again for all of your help.  I would definitely call upon you in the future if we have the occasion.


And that is why I am sure you have a successful business.  (Response to e-mail:  We just always want everything to go smoothly.)


Thank you.  You guys are great.


Thank you so much.  You're a pleasure to work with!


Services were EXCELLENT and you are also great to work with.  You made things so very easy at our end.  I hope to work with you again.  Thank you!!!


I had to schedule a deposition in NC and Chapel Hill Reporting provided its services.  They went above and beyond in assisting me with this deposition and I highly recommend them.  Thank you.

Anonymous Survey Response

I liked the follow-up from your office - pleasant, prompt, and what was needed.  Thank you.

Anonymous Survey Response



I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you this year and plan to continue this relationship for years to come!


Great, thanks, and we are very pleased with your services.

Anonymous Survey Response

Chapel Hill Reporting is one of the best court reporting companies out there.  I will use them whenever I can.  Thank you!

Anonymous Survey Response

Chapel Hill Reporting was phenomenal.  They were able to work with me in dealing with some last minute scheduling snafus. They were very friendly and courteous.  Overall, very pleasant to work with.  Should we have a need for a reporting company in that part of the country again, I will absolutely call on them for help.

Anonymous Survey Response

Great service!

There is no area of service that you need to improve.  I am very satisfied and will certainly use CHR again.

Anonymous Survey Response

I am glad I found your company and I would be delighted to hire you again.

Anonymous Survey Response
Thank you for your help.  You made it very easy for me.  Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous Survey Response

I was very happy with the services provided and the coordination of the conference space and video by the reporting agency so that I did not have to deal with those arrangements.

Anonymous Survey Response
It is always a pleasure to work with the court reporters who work with your organization.  They are completely top notch!

Anonymous Survey Response

Great job!


The scheduler was extremely pleasant.  We will use your service again in the future.  Thank you.


I certainly appreciate you bailing me out of what could have been a disastrous situation!!  I will certainly keep you as my #1 service for the Chapel Hill area, as we go there often.  Again, many thanks!!


Thank you so much!  You guys are THE BEST.


Great service.  Friendly.  Would recommend!


I will certainly call upon Chapel Hill Reporting on any other matters in the future.  Your courtesy and professionalism are greatly admired and appreciated.

WOW.  You guys are fast.  Great work.  Thank you so much.


We will definitely reschedule, if agreeable with you, and I will let you know as soon as possible when rescheduled.  I sincerely appreciate your willingness and availability- you are our number one reporter!


Thank you so much, Sara!  You have been wonderful and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Have a blessed weekend!


You’re most welcome! If only all court reporting services were so responsive!


You are a life saver!  Thanks so much again for all of the help you have given us. We are really glad that we started using your services.


Hey Sara, thanks very much! And this wasn't even due in to us for like another week, so wanted to say thanks very much for such a speedy turnaround too! You guys have been great.


It was a pleasure working with you in this matter and I look forward to working with your firm in the future.


Thank you.  Honestly, you could put on a clinic on how to run a professional reporting firm


Thanks for all your help! It was great working with you.

Anonymous Survey Response

I am not from NC, so it is nice to have someone I can call if I need help there again.  The dates and times were confirmed and I got prompt and excellent service.


Your company has the best customer service of any court reporter I have ever worked with.  If you are in Raleigh sometime, please stop by and see us.


You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround!


Thank you for your very professional work. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


I just wanted to thank you for your prompt return of the deposition from last week.  We sincerely appreciate your quick turn-around!  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


It is so nice to work with your firm.  Thanks for all your courtesies and help.  Can you move to Chicago and open an office here?


Sara, I’m very pleased with Chapel Hill.  Your customer service is top-notch.  Thanks again for your help!


Trying to convert everyone around here to go with your services.


I wanted to ensure that you had received payment which was mailed late last week, and certainly, we will contact you for any further depositions in your area.

Thank you for your professionalism and many courtesies to us.


Thanks so much for getting this done so quickly.  You guys are awesome!

THANK YOU very much!  We love you!!!

Thanks for your great customer service!

We received the transcript yesterday.  Thanks for all of your hard work and making everything work so smoothly!

Thank you for the phenomenal service.  Very professional!

Thanks again for all of your help with these depositions!  You have been WONDERFUL!